Dirty Talk Tips

June 12th, 2017

Close-up of woman whispering into man’s ear

It may be difficult to go from no dirty talk in the bedroom to a mouthful overnight. The key in the beginning is working your way up slowly. Each phrase you say can get a little more risky as you go. This way you can keep not only yourself at a comfortable level, but your partner as well.

Leading into dirty talk can be easy. As mentioned before, start with soft compliments during the day. Dirty talk doesn’t have to be left for the bedroom only and really it shouldn’t be. Its a tool that can be used in the prime time of the day to get your lover ready for later. An easy ways to get your partner more comfortable quick is to start using your natural noises you would already be using more often. These are things like more moaning, whispering more in their ear, ask questions about what they want you to do to them, giggling, and anything that you normally do to seduce your partner.

An easy way to perfect dirty talking is to remember that everyone likes to have their ego stroked. Make your partner feel like they are the top of line. Make them the master of the domain. Act as if you will do anything they want you to do. Give them encouraging words as they engage you. Make them feel as though they are conquering your will. This simple beginners technique is something that will get any partner riled up and ready for great sex.

When you are just starting to talk dirty, its important to conquer your fear. Each word you say is like a test. You want to pay close attention to your partners reactions, facial expressions, and even body language. Noticing these three things will let you know right away if they like it or not. As long as they like it, you can keep pushing your limits farther and farther.

The real key to pleasing your lover is paying close attention to them. If you’ve been with someone a long time, it will be easier for you to recognize when they are engaged in your actions.

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