How To Talk Dirty Over The Phone

June 7th, 2017

Dirty talk on the phone can be vey hot if done properly. If you are in a distant relationship, if you and your lover are going to be far apart for a time, or even if you are on the phone with him and things get hot, this kind of dirty talk can be a very fun and satisfying experience.

Its a good idea to start slowly, especially if you and him are new to this. Be relaxed and normal, talk about normal things and gradually toss in suggestive and exciting phrases.

Tell him that you miss him, then detail the various reasons why is that so and begin to talk about the various things you’d like to do with him if he were there with you. Ask him what he’d like to do. Increase the amount of explicit words and phrases. Let things build up.

Take it as far as you and your partner are comfortable with. You may let yourself go and be very explicit, or it’s possible to use a language deprived of crude and raunchy terms to have a very sensous conversation.

Pay attention to what he’s saying, it’s easy to lose track of the conversation and get lost in your own fantasies, but you should be careful not to slip and say something that he might find shocking or uncomfortable.

After its done, talk about it sometime later. Did it went too far? Not enough? Are there any other fantasies you or him would like to act? As always, communication between you and your partner is very important!

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