How to Talk Dirty to Your Man

February 8th, 2017

how to talk dirty to a guy

Enthralling your partner so he could show off his inner concupiscence can only result to either one of these two: you win or you get embarrassed. Apparently, dirty talk is an art of seduction everyone yearns to master. The truth is, you don’t really have to act someone you’re not just to sound super sexy and irresistibly wheedling in his eyes.

If questions like “how to talk dirty to my boyfriend” or “how to talk dirty to my man” keep bugging you at night because you want to do extra things to him that would make him want you more, well then, drastic times call for drastic actions. Here are the rules on how to talk dirty to your man without making grave mistakes.

Dirty talking to your boyfriend can be a challenging one, especially if you two haven’t explored each other’s wild side yet. Nevertheless, you can still induce him to open up to you his bestowed sexuality as long as you are ready to make the first move. Remember to take it one step at a time, so you do not end up looking ridiculous.

When you feel that your body is so alive and your sex hormones are at their peak, try to scrutinize first your spot if it won’t cause you or your man any discomfort. Well, actually, dirty talking can happen anywhere, especially in dark, crowded and immodest places. If you feel that it’s the perfect place, then let that cat out of the bag.

Try to exchange conversations with him and speak softly so he leans on you or he gives you his full attention. Begin gently and surprise him by simply changing the tone of your voice into a seductive goddess. Make those whispers enticingly hot and tell him all your naughty thoughts for him by slightly touching his legs and allowing your entrancing eyes to meet his.

How to please a man

Since you are still getting to know each other or it is your first time, your dirty lines belong to the beginners. However, he may want a girl who speaks politely or a girl who is wildly loquacious. These are lines that would totally spice up the tension between the two of you:

“Your sexiness is killing me right now.”

“Why do you make me want to go down on my knees?”

“I want you to undress me.”

“I just want you inside of me.”

“What would you do if I tell you I’m not wearing anything underneath?”

“You make me so wet, baby.”

“You can do anything you wish to me right here.”

‘Do you wish to bend me over there?”

By the same token, dirty talk is the best way to intensify your sex life with your husband if you already have one. The question is, when can you talk dirty to your partner who always seems to be busy? Exactly! The right timing is a prerequisite before you begin your game. Are you and your husband about to go to sleep? Then, bed time is a great opportunity for you to show him the impish things in your mind. Knowing how to talk dirty to your husband is not that complex at all. You may have known his weak spots already and use that to your advantage.

how to talk dirty to guys

Slowly touch his body, let him feel your warmth and give him some teasing. Make him remember all the sexy things he loved about you and all the naughty nights he had with you. Relive the feeling and level it up. Be descriptive and imaginative. Allow your words to give him a magical feeling while you caress his arms, his abdomen and his legs. Let him hear you moaning and breathless while having sex.

Here are some of the best dirty lines you can tell your husband before or during sex:

“I am all yours tonight.”

“Show me what you got.”

“I want you to taste and bite me.”

“Pull my hair and make me scream, baby.”

“Push it harder.”

“Leave me sore tonight.”

“Do it all inside of me, daddy.”

“I’ve been a bad girl so punish me.”

“It feels so good to be on top of you.”

“It’s so big I can really feel it.”

Learning how to talk dirty to your man is quiet simple and propitious. Basically, dirty talk for boys is parallel to dirty talk for girls. It is just all about making use of your senses to divulge your rousing intention. Freeing your lascivious thoughts by turning these into words also plays an important role. Along with these rules is choosing the perfect place and time for you to hit the road. While doing all these things, be playful and enjoy the whole thing with your man. Show him what dirty talks can do.

Spice up your sex life

And most importantly, never fake it. Do not make false utterance just to impress your man. Stay true to yourself even if he becomes petulant because of your capabilities. After all, dirty talking does not at all have the right to define your relationship. It’s just an additional filling that must be fun and should never be forced.

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