Ladylike: How to Talk Dirty to a Guy

February 8th, 2017

Admit it: there’s a daring part of your psyche that is dying to talk dirty to a man. It’s an essential part of human nature. Talking dirty especially to the opposite sex with the intention of flirting with them makes the banter and relationship feel steamier, more appealing, and sexier.

This article shall present helpful tactics on how to talk dirty to a guy, top dirty things to say to your man, and things to say when talking dirty. It doesn’t end there actually, ladies, because you’re about to learn how to do it discreetly, without making you sound like you tried a little too hard.

Before anything else, why do people talk dirty whether they’re flirting or inviting sexual encounters? Well, the purpose of dirty-talking is to imbibe more flavor to the act of flirting. It adds greater sensuality and appeal to the relationship of two people who talk dirty.

Some people are even turned on by the mere, “I’m not wearing anything right now” text from their significant others. The dirty talk causes a whirlwind effect of anticipation, desire, plotting, and vivid imagination of what two people would want to do to each other.

Sometimes, couples would talk dirty even when they’re already in company. It amps up the heat and sexual tension when mixed with cuddling, fondling, and foreplay itself. But before you start talking dirty to your man, there are a few things that you need to remember. These will help to prime your mind so that you won’t feel bad about yourself when you start thinking about dirty things to say to a guy.

Ditch the shame

Most people were raised to believe that private vulgar talking makes one a horrible person. It’s not your fault when your mother used to scold you for saying something as pathetic as “dick”. Mothers know best, after all. But now that you’re an adult, you should stop thinking that dirty talks to your partner or to someone you share a mutual attraction with is shameful.

You’ll end up feeling uncomfortable even before you think of talking dirty to your man over text, over the phone, or through the internet. Try to get used to the feeling of actually talking dirty to another human being. If, after a million tries you still end up giving yourself a stern lecture on saying bad words, then ditch dirty talking for good and save yourself from misery.

How to talk dirty to a guy

So how do you talk dirty to a guy? Well, here are some tips that you could make good use of. Dirty talk to him in the most sensuous manner and you’ll leave him begging for more.

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind (especially when you’re horny)

While in the throes of mind-blowing sex, you’d usually find yourself thinking of countless naughty things. This is normal, don’t worry. Whatever naughty things come across your mind, say it out loud. You have no idea how dirty talk appeals to men all the time.

  1. Talk as if you’re having an affair

Nothing says kinky and dangerous better than having an amorous affair, doesn’t it? This kind of relationship is usually frowned upon by society, so hopefully, you’re not involved in one. But play-pretend having a scandalous, amorous affair and dirty talk to boyfriend occasionally.

You can say something such as, “If only I was having something hush-hush with a guy like you, I’d totally get hot and moist just watching you.” Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Sexy sounds

Sometimes, moans are enough to appease and entice your man. There are moments in the bedroom when words are just too much. So use your voice and make sexy moans as you go on with your business. Those breathless oohs and aahs are definitely enough at times to keep him going.

  1. Avoid trash-talking

What? Didn’t you think that being polite does not go as far as during flirting? Of course it is. But then again, it’s quite difficult to determine whether you are doing dirty talk or you’re already overboard and mouthing trash-talk, the latter being the repulsive form of seduction, however you may express it.

Try not to call your man hideous terms like son-of-a-bitch, motherfucker, or scumbag because these ones are a little offensive and are not sexy, dirty talk at all. The last thing you want to do when you’re flirting with another person is for him to be repulsed by your word, or you to be offended by his snappy, sneering retort. Unless your partner looks at you like you’re a morsel of meat, you may want to keep the dirty talk simple, less explicit, and sexy.

So these are just some of the things that you might want to reconsider when trying to talk dirty to a man. Whether you do it via text, via chat box, or in person, there are so many ways which you can make use of to keep you both happy.

Both men and women enjoy the delights of dirty-talking, but remember, do it in moderation because at times, words may be too much. That is when sexy body language picks up the pace. Enjoy!

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