Dirty Things To Say To A Guy In Bed

June 11th, 2017

Some women may be naturals and always know what to say in the bedroom, but most of you out there are going to need to work at it. The only way to do this is to practice and plan what you want to do. Making yourself comfortable and open to communication with your partner is the key to wild and crazy dirty talk.

To help you do this, I want to take you through a sample sequence of dirty talk that you could follow step by step to please your man tonight. You can change the phrases as you like. Remember to always use wild words to keep things exotic. Invite your partner to do things to you which will not only turn them on but give you pleasure.

The tone of your voice is the most important aspect of dirty talk. If you don’t display a sexy tone and it’s not appropriate, then it won’t matter what you say. You won’t be turning your man on. Find out what your partner likes and practice saying those things in a sexy voice.

You can start the night off by dressing sexy and having dinner at home with just the two of you. As the night progresses, you have to lean over and whisper dirty talk in his ear. The best time would be around dessert. You could use this to entice your partner even more. You could start with saying something like “You are turning me on so much right now!”. Rub your hands on his body as you whisper this.

To have an exciting sex life, you have to be good at building anticipation, making them sweat it and trying new things. As you go deeper into the night, your dirty talk will get more and more naughty. You want to make your partner feel like they are the best sexual partner you’ve ever had. You can use any dirty talk phrase you want once things get heated.

Once you have your man in the bedroom, begin the foreplay and keep the dirty talk building as the sexual tension does. As your man is pleasing you, you could rub your body against his and grab him close. Whisper in his ear “Please let me go down on you…” and move your way down. This gets your man steamy and they won’t say no.

You know your sexual partner better than me so keep that in mind. You can always customize any phrase to work in your particular situation. Remember, it’s about how you deliver the words more than the words themselves. Get your practice by looking at yourself in front of a mirror to build your confidence the quickest. You will like it in the end because it actually works.

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