Talking Dirty To Your Man

February 8th, 2017

Tips on How to Talk Dirty to Your Boyfriend

Dirty talk examples

Dirty talking in its barest form has been around since the 12th century. Why is it important? Dirty talking is a form of foreplay – a set of acts used to enhance sexual excitement among couples. Not only does it stimulate desire, sexual tension, and irresistible want, it allows you and your man to know what you both really want. Communication is key, so they say, and listed below are guides and tips on how to talk dirty in bed like a professional.

Spice up your relationship

  1. Be Confident – Confidence can make or break your chances in talking dirty to your guy. Never be afraid to show him how much he excites you, but at the same time, don’t overdo it. Show enough to get his attention, and leave some room to keep him guessing.

Sample phrases: Do you like it when I touch myself here? Look at how wet I am for you…

  1. Say What You Really Want – When it comes to talking dirty to your man, a big pro in practicing dirty talk is that you and your man are able to tell each other what you really want. It is obvious that to enjoy sex, you should be able to tell your partner how to worship you, considering that you know your body best. If you love being kissed on your neck, or if you like the way he sucks on your skin, you should tell him immediately. It’s the same with him – how else would you know what turns your man on unless you ask him?

Sample phrases: I really like it when you…; Please keep doing this/that.

  1. Dress for the Occasion – many couples tend to overlook how outfits can greatly affect your seduction techniques. If you’re going in for the kill, it’s important to show your man what you’re offering with your words. Showing the slightest bit of skin or baring it all are appropriate as long as you allow him to watch you even without touching you. Men are very visual in nature. So, show him what he’s missing if he doesn’t join you in bed.
  2. No Need For Obscenity Unless You’re Used To It – Is one of the reasons why you don’t practice dirty talking is you don’t normally use obscene language? Because if it is, you should know that dirty talk has no need for obscenity. There’s no need for hardcore dirty talk such as calling each other with obscenities (whore, slut, bastard, etc.) as well as using sexual slang (pussy, cock, dick, cunt, etc.). Talking dirty to your man doesn’t need that much effort! Instead of those words, you could replace them with words on a lower key while still maintaining its effect.

Sample phrases: I love what you’re doing to me right now; this feels amazing; I need you right now.

how to talk dirty to your man
  1. Not What You Say, But How You Say It – Dirty talking isn’t limited to what you say. Try matching up what you say with sexual sounds such as moans, grunts, and sighs. Aside from this, changing your tone can also greatly increase the effect on your man – you can be commanding, submissive, teasing, and everything else within that spectrum.

Try this: Hold yourself close to him, grasp his arm, and whisper in his ear. Tell him “I want you,” followed by a low, sultry moan and squeeze his arm tighter.

  1. Afraid? Try Asking – Some people aren’t raised for this because of cultural or religious backgrounds, but it’s definitely easy to learn. If you fear about delivering it wrong or how your partner will react, try asking questions instead. Asking questions helps you test the waters and see how he’d feel or react.

Sample phrases: What do you want to do to me?; What do you want me to do to you?

  1. Texting – When you two aren’t together, sending a risky text can always make your man miss you more. Texting also helps if you’re still not sure how to talk dirty in person.

Sample texts: I miss you in bed with me; Come home, I need you.

Now that you’ve read the entire guide, here are a few more phrases you can say to talk dirty to your guy.

Beginner (may/may not be sent as text messages)

  1. My legs get weak when you kiss me.
  2. Stop staring, you’re turning me on.
  3. I can still taste you.
  4. I can’t wait to taste you again.
  5. I want to feel you inside me right now.


  1. Let me take care of you.
  2. I want you to put me on my hands and knees.
  3. You look so fucking sexy right now.
  4. Fuck me on the table/counter/door (or any flat surface).
  5. Tell me how much you want me.


  1. Fuck me harder.
  2. Don’t move and don’t make a sound no matter what I do to you. I’ll stop if you do.
  3. Fuck me, please. I’m so fucking wet for you.
  4. Fuck me like you own me.
  5. You like how I fuck you?

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