Things To Say When Talking Dirty

June 13th, 2017

After you’ve started the dirty talk and you see that your partner is on the same page, this is when you really want to hit them with the good stuff. Giving small hints about what you want to do to them is a great way to lead into more sexual and provocative statements. You will notice this happening early on too. If you’ve been using your dirty talk all day with small compliments and sexy thoughts, you can pick it up when the foreplay begins.

Don’t forget that talking dirty is a form of speech used to turn your partner on for sexual play. There is really no limit to the vocabulary you can pull out when talking dirty. Of course, you are going to want to make sure you partner is okay with it. Some partners are going to like different things like erotic slang words, being completely open about your sexual desire verbally, or even some abusive phrases which gets them hot.

Feeling timid is a natural effect everyone has, but there is no reason for it. It is just the personal talk between you and your partner. You are helping your sex life hit new levels. This can only help your relationship last longer and be more fulfilling. Keep it wild and rocking by using dirty talk regularly.

If you are thinking you are too much of a good girl, and you would rather not talk dirty, you underestimate yourself. Everyone has a naughty side. The opposite sex likes those that are wild in bed and can please them. Be that person.

Here are some tips for you to try on your partner when you a part during the day to keep them ready for whats to come:

  • Tell them how badly you want them
  • Tell your partner you are fantasizing about them..
  • Leave sexy voice mails on their phone when you know they can’t answer
  • Tell them the details of your underwear (try and explain something sexy if you’re wearing something not so flattering)
  • Let them know they aren’t going to be able to handle what you are going to do to them tonight
  • Use the slang words that your partner uses when talking about sexual activity
  • Tell your partner its going to be the greatest night of their lives
  • Dirty text messages and dirty emails while they are at work does wonders when used sporadically

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